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10:30pm 22/05/2008
  So the other day when I had my mental breakdown my mother told me that she thinks I need a change of careers since seeing animals die all the time is "starting to take its toll on me" ( I don't really think so...I had a lot of bottled up emotions, it not just from one thing). She suggested hair design. I laughed at her but now I'm somewhat considering it.
So yesterday I sent in for additional information from different schools. Today every single one of them called me back. I was hoping they'd just throw a brochure in the mail.

And tonight I decided to get a hair cut...and I always go to the school because everyone's so nice and they do a really good job. So I walked in and the girl at the desk started trying to recruit me, telling me how awesome the school was and told me to go in tomorrow to take the tour.

So I talked to the girl doing my hair and it costs 16,000 dollars!!!! for tuition. For 22 months of school? That's crazy! But you work exclusively with Paul Mitchell products (and you actually get to MEET HIM A LOT!!!) and they teach you everything you need to know, they have professionals coming in all the time to meet you and you can get jobs with them and stuff. That's pretty cool.

16,000 is a lot to blow if its not something I wicked want to do...or if I end up at a shitty job making NO money...which I have a feeling will happen.

Maybe I'll take their tour and I can think about it for a while. Its worth a shot.
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Let's be fwends lol   
08:46pm 18/03/2008
mood: seeing dead ppl
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01:12pm 18/12/2007
mood: blah
Yesterday I was having a bad day.

-I woke up late

-on my way into work I hit a gaurdrail and fucked up the alignment in my car. A guy shoveling his driveway saw it happen and walked back into his house.

-Dunkins boy wasn't working so I couldn't tell him all about it. I have a bad feeling he doesn't work there anymore.

-The guy that made my coffee made it taste like complete shit...usually it tastes like love when my cutiemuffin makes it.

-I felt shitty for the rest of the night and just wanted to sleep, everyone kept talking to me but I kept snapping at them...I felt so mean!

I guess it could've been worse.
I have to work at 3:30 eww.
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